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You might like these (as I liked this essay)

The Taste of Empire

How Briton’s Quest for Food Shaped the Modern World

By Lizzie Collingham

How Soccer Explains the World

An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

By Franklin Foer

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Good read. Bought the book for my grandkids. The intersection with Mccloskey was a bonus, because I recently sent them the biobook which might have been your fault, too. Turns out their mother loved all his books when she was young. Funny how one book often connects to another...

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My favorite books to read (as a dad) were:

On My Way to Bed by Sarah Maizes

Warning: Do not open this book by Adam Lehrhaupt

Hiccupotamus by Aaron Zenz

Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

(OK that last one is an Abecedarian and probably not for kids. Unless, like me, you favor the parenting style of the father in Calvin and Hobbes.)

I never read much to my clone, but boardgames and lots and lots of conversations about all sorts of science, tech, history and so forth have ensued. I'm just not much of an out loud reader, though we have loads of books all over the house.

These days, when something frustrating is done in political circles, my child grumbles cynically about everything being ruined by the lust for power and money.

Recent conversation started like this:

Child: Why did India get to the moon on a shoestring budget and we haven't in decades?

Me: Let me explain how the areonautical industrial complex transfers wealth from the citizens to massive government contractors who then gift money and power to political officials....

I think that conversation is a win for parenting?

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Ahh, touché (by which I only mean you've touched me yet again.)

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This book! It's so great. And it is so lovely to see it written about with such grace. Sadly, however, I do not know of any picture books featuring zoning ordinances or community feedback. A hole in the market!

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Ha, that one would be for me! But I think Busy Town probably has quite reasonable development policies and Lowly Worm does not have to become a YIMBY.

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